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Officially Over..?

Officially Over..?



Author : lostinmind.zz

Publisher : rnovel365


When your priorities become the reason of your separation, an untold, unexpected and unexplained relationship arises. That replaces hopes into disappointments and love into unspeakable sorrow, hate and frustration. It all ends with numbness, until you find peace in something else. Though you fall in love, but it becomes so hard to accept that you are in love again. You are afraid to break the wall and welcome the emotions. You are afraid to get out of your numb, emotionless and normal place that the fine thread of life gets messed up. So, join Jasmeet aka Jassi an Indian (Punjabi) girl, who's invited to her ex's wedding, while she was still hanging on their unofficial break up. She's fighting her emotions, that came with a blast, after 3 years of numbness. Will she accept the emotions or rather live with the numbness? MORE