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Oh, Baby

Oh, Baby



Author : NATSUME1988

Publisher : rnovel365


Mark is miserable. After Joshua died he run away when he can't cope up with the pain and loneliness. After a year he came back to face his fears in hope that he can finally move on. Then he met Aariz Stone, a 19 year old repeater at their school. What if sparks ignite between them? Mark become confused about his new found feelings for the boy and he knows that a werewolf only has one mate? Then who is Aariz to him? PROLOGUE Cohan Blackwood is sweating hard, he has been running around the whole place- no, the whole fucking town for almost god knows how long. Lester his brother and his mate Zahra Ramirez are the same, they were all frantically looking for Mark. The last time they saw him was this morning when the services started. Today is a very painful day for all of them. The whole pack where mourning for Joshua Summers, Mark's mate. And now Cohan do not have any idea where Mark is. "God, where the fuck he is?!" Lester hissed as he run his fingers to his hair. "We've been looking for him for so long. And we can still not find him!" Cohan snap angrily. "He is not here anymore." A voice suddenly spoke behind them. As they turn around they met the blank stare of Kymani, one of the bodyguard of Zahra. Cohan arch his brows at him as he crossed his arm at his chest. "And why is that?" "He just gone to a plane going to London just half an hour ago. Zahra's father called the airport when Zahra told him Mark is missing. It seems he used a false name and the personnels just learned about it when they reviewed the CCTV's." Kymani explained. "No way! London, what the fuck that idiot is thinking!" Lester said through gritted teeth, Zahra just wrap his arm to Lester's torso calming him. Cohan sighed loudly. After all of the craziness happened this week makes him so frustrated and tired. Well, a nice long vacation seems nice... "That lucky bastard!" He whispered-yell to himself. "Huh?" Zahra suddenly ask completely confused. "Well Zahra, I am just thinking that Mark is so lucky that he can go to London for vacation. God, I so want one." Cohan said with raised brows. "But we know that he is not going there for vacation right." Kymani quipped as he eyed the three with blank face. "Yeah," Cohan sighed again. Thinking that its being a habit, but the stress is too much and it is the obvious possible thing he can help himself to relax. "Just let him be, he needs it more than anyone. We just need to patiently wait for him." Lester said in a more gentler tone. Their eyes met and agreed, Mark really needed to be alone for now. To heal and mend himself. It might be far from tomorrow but they know he is much stronger than their mother, he will be alright.... He can move on....hopefully.. MORE