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One Year Gap

One Year Gap



Author : Aishatuh M

Publisher : rnovel365


"Daada, Maama; Did I for once told you what I want? You've always chosen what to wear for me, what I should eat, where I should go, even the environment I should stay in. Isn't that enough for you to grant my only wish?. It's okay if you don't want to, I might have been a burden on you. I'm sorry," with that, she sprinted to her room, locked it and broke into tears, ignoring their knockings. * "I think I will let you to study abroad,but only under one condition; you have to get married; for I couldn't let you there all by yourself," Daada spoke haltingly, hoping she wouldn't agree, but her answer made his hope vanished. "It's okay, Daada, who's the guy? And have you started processing my admission?" She asked, a wide grin plastered on her face, not caring about the marriage thing, she thought it was all a threat. "It's Sadeeq, Alhaji Mustapha's son. But he studies in Qatar, that means you will also study there," Daada encapsulated, his face deviod of emotion. Ihsan looked up at Daada, and wanted to bellow out the words, but they came out as a whisper " mean Sadeeq? He's just 19 years old. How would I marry him? Who will take care of who? Uhm Daada?" She slurred, tears rolling down her cheeks. "He is. And would take good care of your health. What's there in marrying him? Isn't he a man?" Daada inquired. "There is; it's just a one year gap between us. And he isn't a man in my eyes," she reprimanded and broke into tears. _____ What would happen to Ihsan? Would she agree on studying abroad? Fighting for her health, at the same time marrying the guy she looks down onto? As she would always avow "It'sjust a one year gap." It would be a hilarious roller coaster ride. Tag along. Your's always__AYSHATOU. MORE