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Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows



Author : Alanis Mayes

Publisher : rnovel365


Like divine clockwork, every child is assigned a demon and an angel at the time of their birth. Such a balance is necessary for the order of the universe; You cannot have good without evil and humans are not permitted to live their lives neutrally. Naturally, every demon is determined to be undeniably evil, and every angel is made to be inconceivably good. Well, that's how it was meant to be, but there are bound to be a few outliers, right? Especially with God absent. Heaven has been poorly run by angels for years and the earth's balance is at stake because of it. There is no longer such a thing as pure good and pure evil. Perhaps...there never was. Alixear, a new demon, is excited to get his evil on in the world, but something just His human, Evelyn is too perceptive, and his angelic counterpart, Ambriella, is too annoying. Demons are being nice, humans aren't being stupid, and angels aren't being pansies. Maybe the world really is ending. MORE