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Packing Heat - Omega Werewolf vs. Vampire Mobster

Packing Heat - Omega Werewolf vs. Vampire Mobster



Author : Fletchley Rose

Publisher : rnovel365


"Do. Your. Worst." Kit Callaghan is no submissive omega. Bound by an oath to a ruthless mobster, on the run from the law, and near death, the last thing he wants is a pack or a mate. But the Rivers Pack and its members - especially Officer Dan Rivers - have other plans for him. Weakened by a past trauma, they need an omega. And they have no intention of letting the pretty little wolf go. As things heat up within the pack, Kit’s past is about to catch up with him - and only one thing is for sure: This omega is not going down without a fight. A story of love, revenge, and the price of freedom... Packing Heat is inspired by the classic story of Carmen, set in a modern, supernatural world. MORE