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Painful Loss in Hearts

Painful Loss in Hearts



Author : Ricky Donna

Publisher : rnovel365


Alston Harris looked at the photos in front of him, rage burning through his veins, as he watched his wife in someone else's arms. ~~~~ He was one of the most renowned businessman of the country, know for his ruthlessnes and arrogance. He prided himself for being good at reading people like an open book, he thought nothing goes unseen from his scrutinizing eyes, yet the irony, he couldn't see the truth of his own wife when innocence was written all over her face, vulnerability swirling in her doe eyes, silently begging for him to believe her. He lost everything that mattered to him two years back, because he chose to trust the wrong person, but now that he knows the truth, there is nothing he won't do to get her back, nothing. 'Get ready Olivia Harris , I am coming,' he said to himself, determination shining in his orbs, holding a dark promise. ~~~~ "I promise you, the face I remember before dying will be yours, the last thing I will wish to see will be you, whether it is today, tomorrow or fifty years from now.It will always be you, Olivia". -Alston Harris. MORE