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Perfect Royalty

Perfect Royalty



Author : Anumba Chimdi

Publisher : rnovel365


Gwendoline Annelise Janvier is a normal girl who wants nothing but to give her mother good life. She has never had anything to do with men or love after looking at the awful life her mother lived. She wants everything good for her mother,selfless and determined. What happens when she receives a letter from the queen herself, to get married to the crown prince? Caleb Aaron Wayne,crown prince of Malibu would do anything to stop his mother from trying to control his life. His is rude,ruthless and very far from chivalrous. His mother pulls the last straw on him, one he won't be able to set back into place. He hates the fact he was forced into a marriage he doesn't even know about. He is bent on frustrating whoever the girl is confident that its some rich girl. He finds a total opposite of what he expected. Can he stop himself from what might happen? There were always ulterior motives from the queen,Kim Evangeline Wayne,she had her cards well played. She wouldn't stand Gwen getting the least close to her son. Was there actually more to her attitude? Was she broken or wicked? Family secrets,love affairs,one sided love,all sorts of problems come straight at them. Is it love,family or royalty? MORE