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Author : Mina Tiara

Publisher : rnovel365


"P-please let me go, a-and I'll do a-anything e-even, if n-not saying a w-word about i-it." -Elliot. "Oh...Bunny, Bunny, Bunny. My sweet Bunny. Even if I let you go for now you're still my...prey. My prey. My bunny." - Luna. Elliot Amell is an twenty year old new student in University of Manitoba. He has a cancer that he is fighting with and refuses to tell anyone. So, his childhood friend Park Sam only knows about his life threatening condition. With his childhood friend Park Sam, he goes into a new life whilst welcoming new friends along the way in his journey of his new prestigious University. Later the sweet boy falls victim for something sinister after witnessing something dark and horrendous, he shouldn't have. Elliot was scared for his life as his cancer was getting worse so, he got assured that he'll die one or another way before even completing his dream University. Howbeit, life had other plans for the innocent and saccharine boy. MORE