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Rockstar’s Teddy Bear

Rockstar’s Teddy Bear



Author : AprilMelody

Publisher : rnovel365


A sudden chill breeze touched my skin making me chuttering more. I tighten the grip on my arms to feel warm but there is of no use. He took off the cap with his left hand, adjusting his hair with the other hand. I got a glimpse of his face which looks very familiar. Finally, he raised his head. 'Oh, my biriyani, Deep... No, wait...’ I closed my eyes. ‘Anu, come out your Dream King and focus on your Rockstar,’ I opened my eyes and saw Anup but still, he looks like Deep, even the jaw mole was the same. I scrutinized, rubbing my left eye and gaped him but still, I can see only Deep. His intense gaze meandered me from top to bottom. Anup is none other than Deep. I want to lean onto the sofa, so I moved back. "Ahaaaaaaaaa..." I screamed feeling the icy water. My mind blocked and can't grasp the situation can’t breathe, feeling cold and scared. ‘Didn’t I sit on the sofa? Then how I was thriving in the water? ‘ I was screaming like hell but he just stood like a statue. MORE