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Scars of Valerie

Scars of Valerie



Author : Amber_XY

Publisher : rnovel365


Scars of Valerie is a book about Family,Love,Past and hatred.    Valerie Brook Hale is an 18 years old college student,who goes in and out of school. She lives with her father,Martins,a heartless ex-convict,her mother's murderer,a drug addict, child abuser and anything bad that you can possibly imagine,she also has a sister,Analiana, a ten years old with an adults brain.    It all started with this once happy family,when Mauline,Valerie's mom went out to the groceries store to get everything they needed in the house for taco Tuesday,she got back from the groceries store in the evening to meet a passed out Martins on the couch,she stood beside the couch and all she could smell was the alcohol oozing of him,it was strange because nothing of that kind had ever happened in like forever,she got worried but she still thought,there is a first time for everything.     Days passed and Martins became more of a drug addict and an alcoholic,he found comfort in the bar,he loved the bar more than his home, he stayed home all day and retired home in the night to torture his wife and children for the most stupid things,he beat up his wife because of the colour of her robe,he said it was too bright and it made him angry.    After enduring Martins crazy acts for a really long time, Mauline decided to talk to Martins about seeing a therapist and Martins felt really insulted and beat her till she became breathless,immediately leaving the house.    Five months later,Valerie and Analiana continued to suffer after Martins bar friends bailed him out of jail. Valerie always cursed the unfair judges for letting a murderer out,such injustice. Valerie and Analiana went back to school and school was hell for them because they were too noticed by everyone,they got bullied,they were hated by the whole school,everyone but their teachers because they were very brilliant kids but no one really cared about their grades.    One day while they strolled back from school, Valerie noticed that Analiana had a fever,she convinced Analiana to go to her friends house to stay till she gets better but Analiana knew better than to do that so they ended up going home together. By the time they got home Martins had passed out on the couch with a bottle of alcohol beside him,they grabbed the opportunity and went up to their room. Analiana took a short nap but Valerie did not sleep at all,after some time Valerie heard Martins shouting their names,and calling them names as usual,he beat them senseless for not preparing food and even more when Valerie told him off and left them to drown in their miseries,and Valerie had to comfort Analiana even in her own broken state.    The next morning Analiana had a bad fever and was forced to go to her dead mum's friend Ma Ava's house who is a doctor for proper treatment. Analiana didn't act as tho she was sick,someone who didn't know her would think she was hyper and not sick. Martins was not home that morning so they seized the opportunity to leave the house without being beaten or insulted,on their way out they saw Martins approach the house and they hid behind the bushes,and waited for him to get into the house,they heard him shouting their names which made them giggle. They decided to sneak out,just when they got to the gate they heard Martins shouting at them to stop but they knew better,Valerie shouted for her sisters to run,making them kick the gate open, running out immediately, Martins shouted at them to go back,even going as far as threatening to kill them but at that point they didn't care,they just wanted to get away from there. They got to Ma Ava's house and they rang the doorbell, no response the first time,they were about to ring the bell again when Ma Ava opened the door. She gave them nice meals and told Valerie to rest while she treats Analiana.    It was evening when Ma Ava woke them up to have dinner and head home since Analiana felt much better,and she knew how Martins was and she did not want to make them suffer.    The next week,Valerie set out to look for a job and to her greatest surprise she found one really fast,she was to work as a secretary for her school mate,Leandro. While Leandro hated her guts and always tolerated her,she didn't notice and she really liked the fact that Leandro was nice to her,little did she know that him being nice was also a part of his plan.    She got enough money from working for Leandro and rented a very small but comfortable apartment for herself and Analiana to stay till she was able to get a bigger one,at that time,size was not a problem for them,they were happy to be away from Martins.    Valerie,enjoyed her work place until Leandro started acting off and out of place,she suspected he was on drugs but that wasn't the only reason. One night,when they went out to eat,Leandro got really drunk and told her how much he hated her for everything she did to him and that he will never forgive her. Valerie tried thinking of her past,thinking about if she re MORE