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Secrets and Lies ( Book 1)

Secrets and Lies ( Book 1)



Author : Katherinepetrova

Publisher : rnovel365


Lying and holding secrets comes to us naturally, as natural as breathing and looking on either side of the road before crossing. We all do it to protect ourselves because sometimes the truth can hurt us. Some are harmless little white lies, but some secrets hide horrible things. Those lies will always come haunting those who seek to keep their lips sealed. Follow Caroline, Charlotte, Chloe, and Caleb's journey, as their life is turned upside down as they fight to keep their lips sealed about the murder they accidentally committed. Everyone keeps secrets. Everyone lies. You better make sure no one saw what you've done before making up your lies because all it takes is one person with the truth on their lips for your life to be destroyed. ...... "Blood." Caroline stuttered, seeing the blood flowing from her head. Charlotte looked at the steel bat in total shock, a few drops of blood dropped on the ground. " I had to save you," Charlotte explained, looking at Caroline. " I know. Is she breathing?" Care walked closer, holding her injured arm. " I will check," Caleb volunteered. He put his hands over her nose to feel for her breathing. " No, no, no," Caleb repeated in fear. She's dead MORE