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Serendipity Of Love

Serendipity Of Love



Author : Aishatuh M

Publisher : rnovel365


When love speaks, when love yearns for attention, when it crushes and intends to erupt out of the beholder's heart; Nothing could stop it, it looks onto nothing. Status seems just a name to it, age seems just a number. It knows no bound, it knows no difference. She was just a poor lady, from a wrecked background. He was a pompous guy, from an affluent background. She needed money for her WAEC examination. He needed a maid, to take care of his house. He hired her. She started working in his house. Destiny unleashed a predicament between them. It bounds them hitched. ____ What would it be? What has destiny unleashed upon their lives? It would be a love, heartbreak, and romantic roller coster ride. MORE