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Soundless Feelings

Soundless Feelings



Author : Naru

Publisher : rnovel365


Angela Cha, 21 years old, a mute but she can hear. It’s just, she has traumatic experience so she chose not to speak. She’s a nerd and totally introverted girl in school. Erika didn’t like Angela because she thought that the petite girl was a snobbish person. But later on, she discovered that Angela's condition and she doesn’t talk. They became close and Erika realized that she likes Angela so she pursued her. Erika even learned how to use sign language just for her. Erika proved how much she likes the petite timid girl. Angela saw her intentions were pure and she fell in love with her. But Erika’s sister intervened in their love story, she didn’t like Angela for Erika. Andrea made her way to separate them. When Erika knew about it, she became depressed. The main conflict was Erika’s depression and how would she get through to it? Depression is a very common problem nowadays, especially for teens. They can somehow, relate to the story. MORE