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Author : Lia Moutsidou

Publisher : rnovel365


It all starts with an unfortunate event. Lisa is Lili's twin but other than their physical similarities the two of them could never be described as having anything in common or having the best relationship ever worn each other. Lisa was never able to understand where her twin sister's hatred was coming from but she was sure that it wasn't something that could or would change. Lili is involved in a car crash that will bring Lisa in the position to be forced to act like her sister. The social status that she has to maintain for her sister pushes her to the limits since she was never the one to be out in the public eye, the exact opposite from Lili who was destined to take their father's position in the family owned company something that made her one of the richest women in Seoul, Korea. How messy and complicated can things get when Lisa doesn't only take over Lili's life but also her personal life as well? MORE