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Tangled In Love

Tangled In Love



Author : Gee-Gee

Publisher : rnovel365


"If I didn't care I would have left you to die but I care and that's why I'm protecting you." Theodore Arivonese A young boss with deadly connections to a deadly organization, mafia. Being just eighteen, Theodore is forced to run a deadly empire and his life has been anything but safe. When he decides one day to go against the wishes of a certain man all hell breaks loose in the mafia and a girl falls right into his hands leaving him no choice but to protect her. Olivia Rose A normal girl cheerleader with a few problems but nothing out of the ordinary. When someone tries to kill her one night she is taken into the world of the deadly mafia. She ends up falling into a dark and mysterious lifestyle and secrets about who she really is unravels. Her fall lands her straight into the hands of the mafia's boss and under his protection. Living with the mafia himself is one thing but getting tangled up with him is another and Olivia realizes she that her happily ever after is no Cinderella story..... How will this story end? In absolute rebellion or just like Cinderella? MORE