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The Beast Within His Heart of Stone

The Beast Within His Heart of Stone

Steamy Stories


Author : Heidi Fedor

Publisher : rnovel365


Gabriel Esposito was one of the most feared mafia bosses in all of Europe. At one time being the reluctant heir apparent to the Underground Esposito Empire, he enjoyed a peaceful life as an architect living in Paris, under the name Gabe Edwards. However after the murder of his parents, by a rival mafia family, he had no choice but to take his father’s throne. After avenging their murder, an being baptized in his enemy’s blood, there was no going back to the idealistic youth that he once was. That is until he heard the song of an enchanting Songbird, singing at a gas station outside of Palermo, Sicily. Calliope Russo, grew up in New York City. After witnessing her parent’s murder at the mere age of six, the memory still traumatizes her to this day. She cannot remember the face of her parent’s killer, but she remembers his stance as he was holding the gun, as well as a look of sorrow in the killer’s eyes. After being lost in the foster system for eight years, and being a victim of neglect as well as abuse, she is eventually rescued by her long lost Great Uncle Salvador. Although being fascinated by gargoyle’s all of her life, and praying for one to come and rescue her, she sees her Uncle Sal as her true savior. While visiting her Uncle in Palermo, she finds out that the mafia has come to collect a $10 million debt from him. Since her Uncle doesn’t have the money, he is expected to pay with his own life. That is until Calliope throws her arms around her uncle, to shield him, and begs for his life. Having already been impressed by her earlier, at the gas station, her loyalty impresses Gabriel even more. He makes a deal with the girl who had stolen his heart. Her life in exchange for her uncle’s, meaning that she would now belong to the mafia king. She agrees, and soon learns that she is to be more than just a mistress, he has chosen her to be his future wife. But what other dark secrets is he hiding? Can this Songbird’s angelic soul, save the soul this mafia demon? Or is he the one who will save her, and finally be the answer to all of her prayers? MORE