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The Bewitched Knights

The Bewitched Knights



Author : S.S.Sahoo

Publisher : rnovel365


Ace Knights grew up submerged in his books and in search of knowledge and all his life he had thought that he was going to remain like that, pillared to his reach his only dream and that was to become an astronaut. But never in his life, had he thought that once, transferred to the London School of Science, he would meet a girl who would captivate his attention to the point where he finds himself deviated from his life goal. But even though he wanted to put her away from him he couldn't. And finally when he thought he could no longer pursue his dreams he was proven wrong, by the same girl as her feelings were not mutual and she unlike him went further to pursue her ambitions leaving him behind. Join the story of Ace and Veronica as they go through life's challenges and ultimately find the one they love and are destined to be with. MORE