The Broken Werewolves: The Guardian Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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The Broken Werewolves: The Guardian

The Broken Werewolves: The Guardian



Author : OralKel

Publisher : rnovel365


Perry Dames is not your usual Beta. He's the second in command, the Great Beta of the Great Alpha. Usually, you'd find him bullying others and need I tell you, Perry Dames is good at bullying. It's his hobby. But when his mate came along his life, there's this confusion brewing inside him. Why did the Good Goddess have to choose a male mate for him, when clearly, he doesn't like men at all? He has let go of his mate once, not bothering to run after him when he saw him in a car, probably going home or God knows where. Then there's Ean Davidson - Dave - Coffler, the bubbly, out-going, super friendly mate of Perry Dames, who comes prancing around and capturing Perry Dames's cold heart unknowingly. Cold and warm heart, if combined, what would be the outcome? After what happened to Dave, after getting knocked by a rogue, it would take a long process for him to heal. Surely, his mate would help just by staying by his side, but what miracle would it be when a wolf comes inside Dave and takes over his body to get him healed? The Guardian; a defender, protector, or a keeper; a person who looks after and is legally responsible for someone who is unable to manage their own affairs. MORE