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The Chasm of Desire

The Chasm of Desire



Author : Rnovel10641931

Publisher : rnovel365


In order to win you, I will break you in such way that no one can heal you ,Except me." he said pushing me against the wall and dangerously leaned towards me , decreasing the remaining distance between us. " That's never going to happen. Now, remove your filthy hands out of my body and leave me " I replied boldly while trying to free myself from his hard Rock body. "You are forgetting that I am Zarun Asim Ahmad. I can do whatever I want. Nobody denies me. And you don't have the right to do that either. He said like a regular asshole. _______ Jana is a free spirit girl . She is bold and doesn't really care about others except for her family.On the other hand Zarun is an arrogant young man who loves to win at any cost . To accomplish one of the greatest achievements of his life , he needs Jana even if it costs her life .Somehow , Zarun fall for the annoying girl . But, both of them doesn't know ,everything that is happening between them is already planned by an alien who is searching her dead lover . A humorously twisted story about an arrogant man , a silly woman , an sophisticated alien and a wizard . MORE