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The Dense Girl and the Boys

The Dense Girl and the Boys



Author : LCScarlett

Publisher : rnovel365


August Porter is a sixteen-year-old girl with a love for learning and peaceful living. With her mother passing away when she was five, she had been raised by her lawyer father with the occasional help of her paternal grandmother. Even without a mother, she had a fulfilled childhood that she shared with her small family and a wonderful best friend. Romance had never been on August’s mind since she had her own aspirations for the future but with her parents’ good genes gifting her a beauty that often catches the eyes of many among the opposite sex, there were a few boys trying their luck to pique her interest. Among them is a childhood friend, a smart new neighbor and a campus jock whose advances kept on passing over August’s somewhat oblivious head. Apparently, she’s a little too serious with preparing for her own life that she sees nothing else except for her plans. She is already too busy with just studies and keeping house for her Dad so why on earth would she use precious time and thinking space on boys? To August’s opinion, she is far too young to be interested in boys, let alone be romantically-involved with one. Thus, when August’s workload doubled with the responsibility of supervising several exchange students from a neighboring country, she was forced to stop looking one way and glance around her for once. Her peaceful life suddenly took an exciting turn with the arrival of two cute distant cousins from her maternal side, a self-absorbed real-life ‘Prince’, a refreshingly-nice guy who seemed too good to be true and an eccentric girl with a lot of secrets. For once, August might have bitten off more than she could chew by accepting the job of being responsible for the foreign students in exchange for a scholarship and a recommendation letter for college. She finds herself surrounded with the two things that she deemed unnecessary for her at the moment: boys and romance. Thanks to her innate ability to ignore romantic passes even as boys practically wave it on her face, August was able to stay blissfully dense and clueless. But can she stay that way forever or are her defenses finally crumbling down? All of a sudden, August finds herself in a very rare situation, a circumstance where she cannot make head nor tail of anything. She realized that romance is not just troublesome but also unexpectedly scary. But just who was it among the boys that was able to shake the dense girl’s defenses? MORE