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The Devil's untainted Angel

The Devil's untainted Angel



Author : Rnovel75785794

Publisher : rnovel365


Spending twenty years of gleeful life, protective family and all happiness in the world Anastasia Singh's life was torn into bits and pieces in a spur of a moment : all because of a malicious mobster who wouldn't think twice to end the lives of innocent people. But is that the end of the world for the inculpable sweet girl who wouldn't see the wickedness of the world through her virtuous heart? Unwinding the mysteries of darkness as the bitter truths come dashing one after another, innocent Anastasia is like a brave warrior who begins her quest for facts. Yes, there are summons to face but as fortune favors the brave, thinking too little of her is nothing but ignorance. An archangel enters her life like a blessing and makes her life bloom with the fragrance of beautiful flowers. But love doesn't imply becoming a purist. Adoration is an unconditional commitment of an imperfect person to perfect in everything concerning his beloved. Not all holy souls are flawless but everything is fair in love and war. Adulation doesn't state becoming pietistical for your loved ones. There is a challenge to face haunted by a secret, a pinching gospel which is yet to unfold. Explore the arduous journey of a beast towards possession to his credulous beauty's heart in facing the challenges of life. This book is first in billionaire series. MORE