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The Dragon Lady

The Dragon Lady



Author : Jamie Porras

Publisher : rnovel365


Qalif Loward is a man filled with good manners and dark secrets. His charm laid on his gentle features and green warm eyes. He was the kind man you would not expect to work under the most ruthless, powerful, and fiercest business woman in the industry. He was the man who stood behind Merrylia Selene Desilvia, the woman who hacked her way to the top with her terrifyingly intelligent mind, manipulative ways, and bold braveness. She dominated with an iron fist, making men and women alike quake before her dark eyes. Step by step she is making her way to her rightful throne while a waging war surfaced before him and her. They both had their secrets, and its bound to catch up with them. . . . Merrylia Selene Desilvia is the epitome of intimidation. She was richest and most powerful young billionaire who conquered the business world by storm. Her past is a mystery and so is her enemies. Trust is a rotten meat on her tongue, a word she would not apply to anyone as she fought her way to the top, not even to the gentleman who calls himself a secretary. Qalif Loward is an open soul with a closed past. Behind his gentleness is a dark memory he tries his best to hide, even when it's catching up to him as he devotes himself to his work as a secretary; a seemingly harmless job. Qalif is about to realize that the world of trade doesn't limit itself in the four corners of the office. There is more to business than files and lunch meetings, and he might just end up being the nightmare he had once been and worked so hard to avoid. "We both have a dark past, mine just started even before I was born."                                       - Qalif Loward MORE