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The Games That We Play

The Games That We Play



Author : Pranitha

Publisher : rnovel365


Everest Arden's parents are hellbent on marrying her to Thomas Cabot so that the family business and their reputation prevail. Even though she tells them over and over again that she doesn't want to marry Thomas, it doesn't matter to them, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.  With a little information from her childhood best friends, Amelia and Lila, Everest decides that she's going to spend her last year at Durante Academy outing Thomas's ruined reputation. Along the way she comes across Roman Hathaway and realizes that maybe he's the one her mother told her about. The one that she's supposed to spend the rest of her life with.  But ruining someone's reputation is harder than one would think, especially when Everest's got her own secrets on the line. And as these secrets start coming to light, Everest starts to understand that not everything is what it seems to be. Amelia Huntington has a secret that's killing her slowly. When she was questioned by the police regarding a former classmate's death, she didn't come forward and the case had gone cold because of it. But now as she investigates someone is giving her all the clues she needs and maybe with enough she'll be able to put everything together. Amelia already knows that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Lila , her girlfriend. But their relationship isn't easy, especially since Lila's parents are strict Catholics who are against the queer community. Luckily for her, Amelia's mom is completely fine with them and is willing to help. But that help is only useful if Amelia is able to stay alive long enough.  Callum Esters is a golden boy. He's sweet to everyone, he doesn't like getting in trouble, he always gets good grades and he has girls who are head over heels in love with him. His childhood best friend and secret crush Nick on the other hand has some problems. With his anger issues and manipulative behavior, Nick is the exact opposite of Callum.  But Nick's past with Thomas and Roman is digging up some problems, and if Callum doesn't want Nick to go to jail, he needs to make sure that the pieces that Amelia's getting are the pieces that paint the picture that he wants. With his charm and his ability to make people trust him, he should be able to do it. As long as the guilt of it doesn't eat him alive first.  It's going to be their last year at Durante Academy and these three teens are taking ‘make senior year count’ to a whole new level. But when the stakes are this high nobody will make it out unscathed. MORE