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The girl who's different

The girl who's different



Author : Rnovel74773826

Publisher : rnovel365


Different is a word that has been use to describe who I am and what I am ever since birth. Am not like anyone or anything am just different no one knows what I am even me, all I know is I have these gifts,powers. Which makes me more awkward,so I wear a hood to be invisible, never knew it would catch on someday. ______ "so honey, when will your other friends come" Debbie ask, as she sets the table "Oh mummy they're already here" "Where are they then" John walks in the dinning room, sees percious who was dressed in a pretty red gown and her hair in a ponytail and a crown on top on it. "My My My, my baby looks beautiful" he said as he was about to sit on one of the chairs "No daddy don't sit there Jackson is there" John pauses and slowly rises up "And mummy can you give Tommy cake he desperately needs some ". Debbie smiles at her and put a piece of cake on the empty plate next to her. "Thanks mum, now Tommy dig in" Debbie walks towards John and whispers "can we talk" he nods in agreement and they both quickly enter a room Debbie turns to him "I think our daughter needs help" MORE