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The Insomniac's Coffee Break

The Insomniac's Coffee Break



Author : Darcarlo Winters

Publisher : rnovel365


An anomalous tale of an ordinary, sleep-hungry man being plagued by what he thought was his curse, but turned out to be his key to escape from the shackles that truly bound him. During a frigid, remorseless early morning of winter, he experiences an unwonted and unforeseen encounter that changes his world, and his view of it altogether. Read on to witness how he transforms his handicap into a handy cup of coffee to flavor the blandness of mundane normality. Teaser: The coldness of the gales licked at him from every angle. The would-be thieves of all the heat in his body. He shivered, and he swore that he heard the ice demons cackle in delight. The rushing winds whipped at him as they enveloped his sweater in paralytic frost, eliciting another curse directed to the heavens above. By the time he reached his destination, he was half-frozen and half-damned for all the blasphemes he had unleashed. The coffee shop was a welcome change from the unending cruelty of the winter dawn. The hungering scent of brewed coffee hugged every wall and molecule of the restaurant. Relaxingly elegant orange lights painted every surface, giving it a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for such a tumultuous night. "T-this must b-be h-heaven!" Even his thoughts were shuddering. Too preoccupied with his temperature problem, he failed to notice a person in front of him, unaware of the disaster that the human icicle will bring. MORE