The Italian Billionaire Pregnant Bride Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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The Italian Billionaire Pregnant Bride

The Italian Billionaire Pregnant Bride



Author : Josie Frank

Publisher : rnovel365


Blurb: She's fierce strong-willed, Beautiful, Gorgeous and a smartass lawyer. A strong independent woman that wants no man to rule over her life or make decisions for her. She's overcome the fiercest of all battles and endured all the hard trials of life. All this has taught her not to be dependent on anyone and it has also taught her that the feeling love doesn't have a true meaning. But what happens when she meets a Man. Someone who's unprepared for the kind of hurricane she's bringing to him. A man who has also been burned and hurt. If you're looking for a love story that screams Billionaire Playboy or a story that screams healing, love , passion and erotical romance. Well this novel is for you. Two rebellious souls coming together in love, passion the very emotions they never knew they were capable of. Since Fate has stepped in let's see how their love story unfold... That perfect life .... That perfect plan.... Of Caitlin has been stopped and changed by fate itself by dropping something that changed her life drastically and maybe made things too huge for her to handle .. A hot male Greek business tycoon. And a hotblooded one at that! Can Catlin handle this much passion? Find out more..... On the billionaire's series . MORE