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The King and the Creation

The King and the Creation

Science Fiction


Author : Bobby Queen

Publisher : rnovel365


When Bellamy was a child, war raged on his world. To protect him, his parents sent him to a nearby moon — which also happened to be a penal colony. It was meant to be a temporary arrangement, but Bellamy ended up stuck there for 10 years. He struggled to survive, and his best friend, Kaia, pulled him from the depths of despair. Kaia was created in a laboratory, born to be a spy and super soldier. When her creators decided to abort the project that spawned her, she fled and crash-landed on the moon where Bellamy lived. After the war ends, Sir Garret comes to the penal colony in hopes of finding Bellamy. When Bellamy and Kaia return to the main planet, they face new challenges. Bellamy must confront his royal heritage, and Kaia... well, Kaia has to stop anyone from finding out what she is. MORE