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The Last Sameira

The Last Sameira



Author : Alexandra Moore

Publisher : rnovel365


Struggling with a difficult home life, a neglecting father and the absence of a mother 17-year-old sassy, sarcastic, rebellious and funny Mia Argent is silently challenging a mental battle with her past and her stubborn denial but also does not want to let her wolf-self control her thus taking control of it instead making her wolf more and more angry over time. Moving to a new country living in the same place as the one she wants to avoid the most, hiding many risky secrets from her friends and people around that could screw up her life entirely if they got revealed and In the hand of the wrong person. Loner, mysterious, cold-hearted, and seeming arrogant Xavier Beauchamps wants nothing to do with the girl he encountered months ago coming into his life, he has enough problems to deal with, such as not being able to shift, his brother long lost brother Nick showing up after years at the worst time possible, plus their sibling rivalry isn't making life any easier for Xavier, being betrothed to a woman he doesn't even love. Nick finding out something about Mia giving him a reason to want to kill her; will Xavier and Mia let each other's guard down or will they forget each other's existence, move on with their separate lives and move on with different people? MORE