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The Legend of Blaerick Blackheart

The Legend of Blaerick Blackheart



Author : Bobby Queen

Publisher : rnovel365


Blaerick Blackheart is the most feared criminal in the world, but he has a secret — he is a woman named Zaida Alphias. When Zaida was a child, her parents were brutally murdered by a man with seemingly impossible powers. She escaped back then, but now he has barged back into her life, and he has sinister plans. Zaida must decide whether she wants to fight him and save the world from calamity... or if she wants to give up. In the process, she is forced to confront her own demons and decide exactly what type of person she wants to become. Jaedon Yorick, an annoyingly handsome and kind young man, tries to push her back toward the light because he sees the potential for goodness in her. If Zaida does not take care to guard her heart, she might just fall in love with him. MORE