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The Mafia’s Bride

The Mafia’s Bride



Author : temanguby

Publisher : rnovel365


The Russian mafia is being threatened, there is a new player in the game and he is planning on taking them all down . One down four to go. Klaus Roderou is at the top of the pyramid, he is known for his vicious ways and charm. Some call him the spitting cobra for when he strikes no one is left alive, HE IS DON KlAUS! whilst in the mist of his friend's demise he is gifted with a precious gift, one that will turn his world upside down. Will he survive this new threat? Will he keep his crown? Most importantly what will he do with this precious gift of his and will he be able to protect his new found little family? MUST READ BOOK 1 (THE MAFIA'S MISTAKE) FIRST TO UNDERSTAND. THIS IS A MAFIA ROMANCE. MORE