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The Mandala Project

The Mandala Project



Author : Avalynn Rye

Publisher : rnovel365


"It's been eight whole months since eight-year-old Katerina Rosemay from Blue Falls, Texas went missing..." ____ A generous amount of Katelyn's time was spent mourning the disappearance of her sister and even more time was spent trying to get closure. When a charming detective takes a lead in her life; plans change, romance buds, and a case is reopened. ____ "He left me because I apparently carry too much baggage. Whatever that means." "Sounds like a douche." He remarked, plugging the key into the ignition as I snickered. ***Trigger Warning*** Some contents of this book include heavy swearing, physical abuse, PTSD, and alcoholism. If that's something you aren't looking to read please be aware. MORE