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The Mission - The Script of Evil series book 2

The Mission - The Script of Evil series book 2



Author : Anton Pan

Publisher : rnovel365


The Mission The Script of Evil series Book 2 Synopsis Quite a few groups of people just in time became aware of the horrible plague that will dump the world into total anarchy and tried to dig in and protect themselves as best they could. The day before the outbreak of the plague they are scurrying to get ready amidst enmity and distrust. The occult that brought the plague into this world has a small group of chosen ones. This group, under the leadership of Professor Johan de Ridder, a retired virologist, has a very distinct mission. They must find a carrier of the virus that has a natural immunity against it bring him/her to a team of scientists who will then, together with Prof Johan, develop an antidote to bring the horror on earth to an end. Different secluded groups must survive and must guard their supplies against plunderers and highly infectious people who will change into man-eating monsters dependent on fresh blood. Most people are unaware of the sinister role players manipulating events behind the scenes. Different role players have different plans regarding the outcome if Prof Johan and his team should find a suitable carrier. MORE