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The Poisonous Wildflower

The Poisonous Wildflower



Author : Siebenbliss

Publisher : rnovel365


Born from the reputable Hemlock Clan, named after a poisonous wildflower and raised to be the most influential heiress. Beauty, intelligence and riches. Name it, Azalea Hemlock has it all. Despite having the beauty that is enough to make even the gods to be in awe, Azalea being the intimidating femme that she is, no man can handle the poisonous wildflower. Life seems to be dull. Everything's relatively boring, not until she met a philandering city guy - Zeke Asclepius Vinnor. Azalea's well composed and nonchalant personality with Zeke's messy, sloven and sloppy personality. They're a total contrast to each other. Will Zeke Asclepius dare to pick the poisonous wildflower? Or will he save his life from its toxicity? MORE