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The Prime Minister’s Beloved Wife : Volume 2

The Prime Minister’s Beloved Wife : Volume 2



Author : 7174PK

Publisher : rnovel365


Bai Yu Yan looked at the man her heart had dared to love. How far will this stolen love take her? What if it always belonged to her and no one else? "I have crossed the world for you. Now, whether this path is filled with roses or thorns, as long as you walk through it, you will always find me by your side." . His heart burned with passion for her. Utterly defeated, he closed his eyes with a helpless smile. "If a lifetime of pain was just to meet you, I will go through it a hundred times again." . Across the huge crowd of the palace, her beautiful eyes searched only for him. "This beauty of gold and silver...I have nothing if I cannot have you.' . Cheating fate and destined love. The red string of fate has long been tied. A conspiracy behind a dark veil, a kingdom in crumble, and a secret of the past life...when the light befell on everything, would their lives remain the same? MORE