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The Sinful Seduction

The Sinful Seduction



Author : Rnovel75785794

Publisher : rnovel365


I ran and ran over the dark streets of the late night city of Delhi and hid myself in a trash barrel behind an alley. My eyes graze at the sky blue birthday gown adorning my body which is now reduced to a rag. I look at my bloodied hands rising to my eyes and break down to a yowl recalling the harrowing event which displaced my life completely. It is my birthday today but unfortunately the most woeful day of my life. I lost both my parents just a few hours back and killed the man who murdered them. I am already a bloody murderer just at the age of thirteen. The recollection of the sinful thought bought cold shivers down my body. A few hours later... Two men involved in a discussion pass down the alley. I quickly pulled myself down into the bin but regretfully one of them seems to have already noticed me. “Hey Little Girl! Why are you hiding yourself here?” Gauging me his eyes roamed the sooty place with disdain. I assessed him carefully and took the knife that I hid in my back pocket and pointed towards him “just back off or I am going to kill you.” I held myself up with a piercing gaze addressing him. He shook his head with smile and raised his hands indicating himself to be harmless but immediately pushed his black coat aside revealing the revolver tucked in the waist of his pants. Oh God! I am struck I growled rather to myself. MORE