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The Siren Song

The Siren Song



Author : Ella Rendon

Publisher : rnovel365


It only took one day for her to spiral into madness. Ash was pretty much raised in the water, then one day changed all of that. Asherah or Ash as she’s better known as is a seventeen year old girl who was more comfortable under the water than she was on land. Ever since the accident happened she’s been spending more time dry than she’d ever thought. Although she feels like nothing will ever be the same, she tries to move forward with her life to make her dad happy. While getting caught up in old memories Ash is pulled out of her car pull tunnel when she gets called to the principals office. She’s happily surprised to find that she’s only been called to show the new girl around. Although odd Ash takes a liking to her. Yet she can’t shake this feeling like she’s seen her before. Not everyone is what they seem, everyone’s connected in odd and mysterious ways, yet the real question is will romance blossom or will they sink below the surface? MORE