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The Unexpected Trip: The Visions

The Unexpected Trip: The Visions



Author : Ayralyn

Publisher : rnovel365


Hannah and Adam together with their friends experienced mysterious adventures. Their unexpected trip began when they crossed the main door of Hannah's house. Every door they entered leads them to different places. The doors they entered bring them to A War Field, Island of Nowhere, Zombie Apocalypse Town, Court of Justice, The Monsters in the Ocean, The Haunted House, The Hell, The Heaven. Every door requires them to answer a riddle or else they will not get out that door. They are always looking for the right door to take them back home but they always failed. What makes the novel exciting is, all of the things they experienced are all in Hannah's subconscious mind. When she was awakened, she discovered that she met an accident and she got in a state of comatose for 5 years. The story is not just about adventures but also love, family and friendship. MORE