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The Untamed

The Untamed



Author : Vanessa Murphy

Publisher : rnovel365


A story about two worlds. Two people, completely strangers to each other's own as Anna Storm, an Atian; a society of mutants, strives to free her people from bondage and return their home to them. The home forcefully taken from them by the humans centuries ago in a war they didn't win. But the road to freedom wasn't really as easy as she she thought it would be. Anna realizes that in order for her to deliver her people to freedom, a marriage had to be done. A marriage with one of them, a marriage with the same monsters that killed her own family and turned her people to prisoners in their own home. To a human. To Angelo Trusk, the wealthy illegitimate son of one of the most powerful families in the world, and just like Anna, Angelo had had his own share of loss to his enemies. Atians, the same monsters that killed his mum. At first marriage feels so impossible but they both realized that they had more in common than they thought and then the biggest impossibility of all; a baby. A baby that was going to change their lives forever. A baby that should never be brought into the world. A baby that became a common enemy for both worlds. Love and loyalty becomes tested as they are both faced with a common enemy. Their own people. MORE