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The Voyage At Heart-Copy

The Voyage At Heart-Copy



Author : Jennifer M.

Publisher : rnovel365


Mary stood at the altar with her hands clenched to her soft blue wedding gown, her tears streaming down her cheeks staining the polished wooden floors in a small rustic church. Her long reddish-brown hair was pinned up with a few flowers complementing her soft facial features, she had mild make up on and a soft light powder pink lip stick flattering her full lips. She raised her head slowly gazing upon the monsterous man standing in front of her decked out in his navy apperal with a hideous scar across his right cheek. He grinned revealing his crooked, yellowing stained teeth as he lustfully stared at Mary admiring her blue dress because blue stood for virtue. Mary cringed under his gaze. "Give the audience a smile wench, at least appear to be happy." Arthur snarled at her from underneath his breath. Mary straighten her posture and held her head up with pride. "No matter what happens today, I will never truly be yours." she said, with her hands clenched into a fist. Arthur stepped up closer to Mary, challenging her to say another disrespectful word. Mary tried to take a step backwards when Arthur quickly grabbed her by the wrist, she gasped in shock of his sudden action; Everyone in the audience gasped in fear of Mary's safety. "Speak out of line towards me again Mary soon to be Salazar and I'll cut your tongue out." Arthur said with a sadistic smile on his face. Mary suddenly felt nauseous at the sound of her name joined together with his, but mostly at the thought of them two as man and wife disgusted her. Arthur turned his attention on the priest who appeared to be sweaty and nervous while pulling Mary closer to his side, Arthur threw his arm around her shoulder hugging her tightly as she tried to pull away. "Begin!" Arthur shouted at the priest who almost jumped out his skin. "No." Mary said softly under her breath, bracing herself for the tradgy that was about to unfold. BOOM! CRASH! Suddenly everyone spun around in their seats, startled from a loud crashing sound with eyes filled with fear. Arthur's navy men that stood at the alter behind him all pulled their guns out in reaction to the chaos. Everyone watched in terror as pirates invaded the church from the main entrance, crashing threw the stained glass windows surrounding everyone while pulling their guns out cocking them while others pulled their cutlass blades out smiling sadistically. Everyone stayed quiet, afraid the pirates would start shooting if they made the slightest noise. The navy men kept their eyes trained on the pirates. Mary looked around in shock while squirming under Arthur's tight grip, when suddenly everyone looked towards the broken entrance squinting their eyes due to the dust as they listen to slow foot steps approaching. Everyone could hear a soft chant being song, Everyone could hear a dark seductive voice chant softly, "But when th' Black Baller sets clear O th' land. W-ay! Hey? Blow th' man down! It's then as ye'll hear th' sharp word o' command Give us th' time an we'll blow th' man down!" the voice sang. Suddenly the figure came into view as he approached. There stood captain Mortem with a sly smirk drawn upon his lips. His light bronze wavy hair was tied with a headscarf, a sense of edginess to him as he wore a small gold hoop earring, proudly wearing his red velvet waistcoat among his black breeches. His linen shirt opened, exposing his chiseled chest, showing off a freshly healed bullet wound. Mortem crossed his arms as he stood confident in the middle of the aisle, he could hear the whispers of his name amongst the residents. Mary, overwhelmed at the site of Mortem, quickly elbowed Arthur in the gut as he leant forward from the blow, his grip on her loosened. Mary scurried away and leapt in the arms of Captain Mortem, smashing her soft lips into his. He wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up off the floor as they became lost in a passionate kiss, not daring to come up for air. Their lips softly danced around each other as Mortem gently tangled his hand in Mary's long curly hair and softly pulled her hair forcing her lips to depart from his so they could lock eyes. Mary stared into Mortem's beautiful green eyes as he softly smiled at her. "Missed me beautiful?" he asked. Mary let out a sigh of relief. "How are you alive? I saw you got shot," she asked, concerned. MORE