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What If?

What If?



Author : Aditi Mukherjee

Publisher : rnovel365


What if she always wondered. She always wondered what if she had a time machine or some power to travel through space time continuum? She always wanted to change things. Change all the things she thought could have been. She wanted to learn what if her past became her new present and her future her past. *** Eighteen year old Bella Johnson is shocked and deeply hurt when she learns about the sudden death of her idol and celebrity crush. She feels enraged at herself for not being able to help the guy she thought was meant to end up with her. She keeps praying to the seven heavens to grant her a chance to reset what has been done. Suddenly one day she wakes up with a realisation that her prayers have been answered and she has been spared TWO WEEKS to help and save the guy of her dreams. If she succeeds she would save a life. If not, then destiny would play its cruel game as it had done before. Will she be able to her IDOL or witness his suicide once again? MORE