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Wicked Games

Wicked Games



Author : tokyyo25

Publisher : rnovel365


With a sudden motion he bends her over the table and holds her head down by one of his large hands. She widens her eyes in utter shock and disbelief. What the fuck is he thinking of doing. He pulls her skirt up, making her move uncomfortably and slaps the steel ruler against her right ass cheek. She gasps in shock; he hits her another time; this time harder than before. "UGH!! Oh my god!! What the fuck are you doing!! Let go of me!!" She whines feeling warmth spread in her core. No fucking way! She can't be turned on by this. Without any word, he hits her other ass cheek, making her groan in pain. Fuck it burns, the cold steel keeps on coming in contact with both her cheeks over and over again making hot tears roll down her eyes. She can't believe this is happening to her and yet somehow, her underwear has become wet with her arousal. After what felt like an eternity of pain he pulls her skirt down and removes his hand from her head. She stays in that position, and starts hiccuping; her vision gets blurry with all her tears. "Finish this chapter, sit down and finish it quietly. Oh sorry I forgot you can't sit." He tries to calm his breathing while running his fingers through his hair, with evil smirk playing on his lips. She slowly stands up from her bending position and picks her books up from the floor, while trying to stop crying. She really hates him, not because he hits her like that, because even with his vile and disgracing act he managed to turn her on. She starts doing the math not daring to look at him, all of a sudden she’s now scared of him. MORE