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Wicked kiss

Wicked kiss



Author : Kerrihara Vexania

Publisher : rnovel365


Erza Scarlet Quevaz's most absolute rule is being a silent worker for years but she was tested when her boss keeps on flirting with her and doing some perverted stunts just to get her attention. For her, he is just a feeler mad man. It was like she was made to hate this man for the rest of her life. Not until that wicked kiss of her drunken body surrendered over him and woke up the next morning, devirgined by the one and only Astrair Grayfaurd. "I love it when you're silent, Erza. I Love it when you're busy and think only for work. But then, let's change your rule. You should only think of me, you should only do anything for me. And only save your voice for your moans. " MORE