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Author : Gia Hunter

Publisher : rnovel365


Night Stalker 2: Xandry Williams avoids relationships when he sees how miserable his twin sister over a guy until he meets a devastatingly beautiful woman who swears not to fall again to someone like her ex. Once in his life, he never thinks of being captivated by someone like Blaine. Blaine Harris learns a lesson from a mistake she did years ago, causing her life to drastically change. She’s been lonely for years but never admits it until she meets Xandry who breaks her spell as dry as the desert. But someone as gorgeous, hot, cocky, and brutally honest like Xandry is the very man she’s been avoiding for years. Will Xandry take another step and accept that she’s a package deal? Or he will go back to his venture and never look back at her again? Or what if the table has turned? MORE