Your Fate, Your Destiny, I Control It Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Your Fate, Your Destiny, I Control It

Your Fate, Your Destiny, I Control It



Author : YoSeBuHaRo

Publisher : rnovel365


Everyone has their own Fates and Destinies, and none can avoid them. Fate defines the events that would inevitably happen, while Destiny is the future an individual has brought by their decisions. But, though different, these two powers need each other, as one can achieve their destiny brought only by their fate and fate will be non-existent without destiny. And though these two powers are fully uncontrollable, the worse can still happen. That's why the Guardian of Fate and Destiny exist. To make sure everything goes as planned. But, when the newest Guardian didn't like the gruesome Fates that she had seen, the countless cruel Destinies she'd face in the future, she decided to throw away most of her responsibility and make a better future, mostly because her sister would be in the center of everything. MORE