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Super Soul of War

Super Soul of War



Author : [email protected]

Publisher : tapread


The young master of the family, a natural waste soul, awakened the mysterious soul of the ancient god of war under the chance, and since then, counterattack all the way, encounter the beautiful beauty of the beauty, crush the genius of the nine realms, fight everything, invincible! Qin Nan: Emphasizing emotion and righteousness, fearlessness, and accidentally obtaining the soul of God of War, began a journey to the sky. Princess Miaomiao: A princess who loves money, drinks alcohol, and loses the medicine garden. Holy Dragon Lord: The God of War is transformed into the left middle finger just to wait for Qin Nan to grow up and integrate into Qin Nan's body. Flying over the Empress: Because she was dissatisfied with the rules of martial arts on the mainland of Cang Lan, she created her own anti-celestial skills and challenged the God of Cang Lan to become the first person to ascend since ancient times.