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My Dear Ex-wife

My Dear Ex-wife

Modern Romance


Publisher : thoroscope


Alice Roberts is a characteristic woman in the 21st century. She can cook, entertain guests and take care of kids at home, while beat up perverts and make money outside. The most stunning thing is that she is a famous doctor in the urology department. Yes, believe in your ears. It is UROLOGY. Unluckily, she comes across an annoying man... "Edward Smith, what are you doing? Why are you taking off your pants?" A howl sounds from the urology clinic. Edward grinds his teeth, saying, "Now that you like to see man, you can see me as long as you want!" "Edward Smith, you pervert! We’re in hospital, let’s talk about it after coming back home!" "Wow, you can't wait to..." He pulls her into his arms and adds, smirking, "We can also do it here." "What the hell are you thinking?" She pushes him away and shouts, "Next." "Dr. Roberts, this year you will belong to me. I registered all your appointments."