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The CEO's Ugly Bride

The CEO's Ugly Bride

Modern Romance


Author : Null

Publisher : thoroscope


Her half-sister doesn’t want to marry her rumored ugly and crippled fiancé, and her own mother kneels down and begs her, “Your sister deserves better, please help her.” She is chilled to the bone and marries instead of her sister. On her wedding night, her husband frowned at her: “Too ugly.” She thought they would respect each other as ice from then on, but unexpectedly, he swore a direct oath of sovereignty: “No matter how ugly she is, she is still my girl.” She jaws at him, “Aren’t you, aren’t you crippled? …” The man uncovered her layers of disguise, looked at her otherwise beautiful face, and smiled evilly, “It seems we have misunderstood each other.”