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Their End, My Beginning

Their End, My Beginning

Modern Romance


Author : Null

Publisher : thoroscope


Why did my parents have to get in an accident? Why does the love of my life hate me? Why my once perfect life is now destroyed? Why is there a secret around me? Why do I feel the life I am living is not real?? Such are the questions in her mind... Will she find her answers to it?? Will those answers widen the gap between her and her soulmate? Will these answers break her friendship with her bestfriend or strengthen it? Well... this is the story of Katherine… whose life changes drastically after her parents' death.. the world she thought she knew became a big fat lie after the accident and she is in for a journey of knowing what happened to her parents... the love of her life becomes another person someone she can't even reach and her best friend, well it seems that she too was hiding something. One thing was sure for Katherine that her parents' death was just the beginning. Well, tag along with Katherine to go through a journey that has lots of suspense, romance, betrayals. Pack up