Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse! Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!

Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!



Author : Sky2316

Publisher : webnovel


"Better to have and not need than to need and not have." -Sky Ishiyama. Sky Ishiyama is a nerd with Photographic Memory who after the bumps and turns in his life, turned to be a Doomsday Prepper. The story takes place in our world where our MC was diving through the Dark Web just for fun and discovered something that can only be found in books, movies, or games. Zombies. Ever wondered what you could do in a zombie apocalypse where you actually know what you're doing? Actually surviving properly while preventing stupid deaths? Doing what is right and necessary? Or better yet, actually doing what you shout in the monitor when you're watching a film? Our MC is coupled with the knowledge of not just fighting z's but actually surviving by securing his home, finding allies, scavenging for supplies, building a community and so much more. All of the names and places mentioned in this novel are fictional and any relation to people IRL is purely coincidental.