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One Heart Three Tribulations

One Heart Three Tribulations

Eastern Fantasy


Author : tiansheng

Publisher : webnovel


“I took revenge, conquered destiny and became the supreme ruler of the universe. Yet, at the dawn of my supremacy, deprived of what I cherished most, I realize that I have nothing.” Eldest son of the Heavenly Emperor. Most powerful immortal of a generation. Intelligent, handsome, caring, and with a heart of gold. Which one those characteristics isn’t enough to enjoy untold admiration and a dreamlike existence? He had them all but only met insults, hardships, and suppression. This is the story of Hou Hui. The story of his fall, of his rise, of the things he sacrificed and lost on the path to rebel against heaven’s will and become supreme. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover. If it's yours and you would like it taken down, please contact me, and I will do so. Also, if you enjoy this story please consider donating a power stone. It needs a lot more exposure. And of course, reviews and comments are not only welcome but appreciated.